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Chart Analysis Techniques

From line charts to candlesticks, unlock the secrets to informed trading and investing decisions.

Trend Identification

Develop the ability to spot trends, distinguish trend phases from consolidation, and leverage trendlines, channels, and role reversal for precise predictions.

Volume Analysis

Understand the vital role of volume in trading and investing. Learn how to analyze volume data to assess price movement strength and drive well-informed decisions.

Effective Indicator Usage

Learn vital technical indicators like SMA, RSI, and ADX for sharper trading strategies.

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Biswapriyo Kundu

Biswapriyo Kundu is the Founder & Director of, a SEBI registered research firm. He has experience of more than a decade in the Indian market & Forex Market. He has worked as a portfolio manager under Choice Broking & as a research analyst under PepperStone.He is based in India & Dubai. He has been featured on various newspapers & business channels from India & UAE.

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